Frequency 432Hz : forgotten !

If I said something to you that indeed you don't know. If I said to you that a predominant cause of the harmonic unbalance of our society is due also from an unbalance of musical frequencies, intentional from Rome. If I said to you that a large part of this lost archaic knowledge is blossoming newly in one coherent waking. If I said that we can re-establish order in you and harmony in this chaos, FROM NOW, you know that they are not exited for nothing of "melone".

Yes friends. To the center of this "conspiracy" there is just the Diapason to 440hz (oscillations per second), the instrument used for tuning the standard of all the musical instruments. I could list here all the motivations on which are based my affirmations, but prefer that some of you come to acquaintance with this.

It’s a wounded deeply appeal the one which I make turned all the musicians who cross this Blog, but also those who is simple onlookers, to take to reading of these documents, because joined together we can re-establish harmony in the society CONCRETELY, DISCLOSING these documents in way of all the FREE one and above all without RESTRICTIONS, on condition that they do not come alters to you and/or sold.

These documents contain IMPORTANT PRACTICAL INFORMATION that someone, I repeat in Rome, HAS INTENTIONAL FACT TO SUPRESS, like evince from one letter of Giuseppe Greens of 1884, during a debate on a diapason harmonic to 432Hz against a diapason to 440Hz. This revolution is in a position to moving enormous amounts of energy indeed.

Between the supporters of these studies, you leave from the important searches and detections of Ananda Bosman we find also the famous leader of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, and want also you to edge of this search on which you can begin from endured the experimentation! Personally I can confirm to you turns out to you VISIBLE in the positive reactions of the public, in the same moment in which you will execute these frequencies.

The Revolution Omega is a treaty that introduces you to the harmonics in harmony with :
1. The human heart (heart beat)
2. The double propeller of the DNA (replication frequency)
3. The maximum cerebral operation (bi-hemispheric synchronisation)
4. The fundamental cardiac heartbeat of the planet (fundamental resonance of Schumann cavity)
5. Musical geometry of the creation